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The creator of Once Upon A Hetero married her male best friend after years of thinking she wasn't worthy of love. She knew the truth about herself for many years but fear and shame kept her silent. Before getting a divorce, she'd go online attempting to find a community of people that possibly shared that same truth. She was married to a cis-gendered man but knew she was attracted to cis-gendered women. Often, the stories found were outdated, stories from the perspectives of older gay men and women (totally acceptable), and nothing on younger adults. She was looking for connectivity, validity, and to make sure she wasn't crazy. 

Once Upon a Hetero was created to stand as an LGBT Community bringing together people that were once in heterosexual marriages and now no longer identify as heterosexual. Through years of meeting up with people who shared that same truth, a new reality reared its head. Many people who were never married found Once Upon A Hetero as a safe space to share their transitioning journey, their journey of coming out, or their fears of not fitting neatly into heterosexuality. We believe that many people in the LGBTQIAPK (and ever-growing inclusivity) have gone through many adversities to arrive at acceptance of self.

Our mission is to be a community creating a safe space for people that do not fit neatly into heterosexuality. We'd like to get a healthy open dialogue going so we can heal as we learn from our experiences together. 

Who knows - perhaps there can be space for those who were hurt from the separations (the other spouse, partner, child/children, etc.) and see what impact it had on their lives and how it felt or feels for them.​

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